About TerreLocal

About TerreLocal

At TerreLocal, we have a passion for helping our communities, including farmers, food sellers, and consumers. We expand the reach of farmers and food sellers so you can increase your customer base in order to survive and thrive. Consumers can locate and purchase farm-fresh produce and other types of nutritious, healthy foods.

What TerreLocal Does

TerreLocal connects consumers to local farmers, food artisans and other types of food sellers. Anyone can be a consumer at TerreLocal, including individuals, restaurants, and companies. If you are interested in finding and purchasing locally grown and produced foods, TerreLocal is for you! You can search for items by specific type, i.e. cheese, or just browse around and see what piques your interest! Discover local foods you didn’t even know were available!

If you are a farmer, food artisan, or food seller, you can list your products on the TerreLocal site so that customers can find and purchase your products! There is no need to spend time building your own infrastructure. Instead, focus your time and attention on what you do best, growing and producing food, and let us handle the technical aspects of customer promotion and selling! Let us handle payment processing while you fill orders and grow your business.

By purchasing local food, we can improve our communities and support our local farmers and food providers.

Reduce Food Waste / Food Donation

If you have an excessive amount of food that is still safe to eat, you can list it on TerreLocal so that an organization in need can claim it and turn it into something good for humanity. If an organization or individual needs a certain item, post it on the website and someone may be able to fill that need.

Consultation, Research, Education and Training Programs

Farmers and growers, you can sign up for online classes to assist you with your growing needs. Want to learn the latest scientific and technical information regarding organic fertilizers? Have questions about soil deficiencies? TerreLocal partners with i-Cultiver, a research and consulting company with years of experience assisting farmers and growers and access to collaborators at the USDA, Stanford University and UC Berkeley, among others. Using the latest research in the agricultural field, i-Cultiver can help you understand your options and determine your best path forward to grow the best possible crops

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