TerreLocal, a new way to sell food

Posted on 21 Sep,2020

I’m writing to introduce you to TerreLocal, a new website (TerreLocal.com) and app that enables farmers, ranchers and artisan foodmakers to list and sell your products in one online location. TerreLocal makes it easier for you to have an online presence and allows customers to find and purchase locally grown food and artisan food in one central online location. You are able to list and sell the products you offer, include pictures and offer customers the option of pickup or delivery, based on your preferences and capabilities.


TerreLocal has no charge to the seller, other than whatever charges are due by the payment processor. TerreLocal has integrated both Stripe and PayPal as payment processors. Buyers are charged an additional 13% of their total purchase price in order to support our operational costs.


TerreLocal is a labor of love. Our founder is a plant biologist who has years of experience assisting farmers in improving their crops. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic and associated issues with food distribution, he was concerned that the modern food systems do not promote locally grown, sustainable food choices. TerreLocal has been designed to enable producers to concentrate more on growing and leave marketing and selling to us. We are a family company, not a large operation. We really do want to help connect local producers to local consumers in a way that helps both parties.


Will you help expand your customer reach by listing and selling your products with TerreLocal?


If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything further, please contact




Contact us: raj@globalfoodscholar.com



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